Equine assisted intervention as a path toward inclusion

TRYDE (TTR) is a project funded by European Programme ERAMUS+ and promotes equal opportunities and education, social inclusion and autonomy of young people with intellectual disabilities through multiple activities based on Therapeutic Riding.

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Therapeutic Riding For Youth and Children with Intellectual Disabilities

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New Project Partner

We are glad to announce our new partner Hi.K.E.R International Institute from Greece! The Hi.K.E.R International Institute is the largest scientific organization in Greece. It

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The project "TRYDE - Therapeutic Riding for Youth and Children with Intellectual Disabilities" co-funded by the European programme Erasmus + Sport - Small Collaborative Partnership, aims at:

promote equality in education and equal opportunities through equine assisted activities in order to facilitate the social inclusion and autonomy of young people with intellectual disabilities, with special focus on Autism Syndrome from 4 different European Countries: Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The objective of the project will be achieved through the creation of a transnational model of innovative and inclusive good practices, focused on the treatment of intellectual disabilities through the use of Equestrian Rehabilitation.

side view of kid feeding horse at ranch
Beautiful young woman with her adult arabian horse standing in a field. Relationship between human and animal.

Equine Assited Intervention

according to the latest psychomotor theories, is a comprehensive therapeutic method that considers the whole person as the subject (rather than an object) of rehabilitation. The man-horse relationship, embedded in a specific structured method, is the central point of the therapeutic intervention. The horse thus becomes an active component of the therapy and Equestrian Rehabilitation is considered one of the most progressive forms of therapy for young people with intellectual disabilities.

The Consortium

The project's international partnership is composed by associations from different European countries (Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy), specialised in Equestrian Rehabilitation therapies. The strength of this partnership is the involvement of a group of complementary organisations, able to maintain high quality standards for each phase of the project.


The implementation strategy is based on a participatory model involving different stakeholders such as:

Associations specialised in Equestrian Rehabilitation and disability

Experts in Intellectual Disabilities

Civil society and non-profit organisations active in the field of social inclusion

Social services and local health authorities

Permanent Cross-sectorial Study Committee

A permanent cross-sectoral study committee for the development of inclusive policies and practices based on Equestrian Rehabilitation for people with intellectual disabilities – in particular Autism – will supervise the study and research activities on the state of the art and good practices existing in the field at national and European level. The exchange of good practices, interaction and networking, central to this project, will also be useful for the future harmonisation of the methods used, in order to guarantee intervention plans tailored to the target group of the activities (young people with intellectual disabilities, in particular Autism) and at the same time ensure guidelines for Equestrian Rehabilitation training designed for professionals working in the field of intellectual disabilities.

Virtual training courses

The project includes a training phase aimed at young people, professionals, instructors and experts in the field through non-formal activities based on practical aspects of Equestrian Rehabilitation in order to enhance their know-how in supporting young people with intellectual disabilities to increase their autonomy and social inclusion.

Equestrian Rehabilitation Activities

The testing and validation of the model will take place through the Equestrian Rehabilitation activity addressed to 20 young people with intellectual disabilities from the countries of the partnership and carried out by the professionals who participated in the training phase in order to validate the effectiveness of the model and its validity in other European and non-European countries.

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Our Multidisciplinary Team: Professionalism & Passion for Equestrian Rehabilitation: THE TEAM A reality that has been in existence for almost 30 years must surely have strong roots. For those of us at C.R.E. Girolamo De Marco ONLUS those roots are represented by each member of our SOCIO-MEDICAL TEAM.

A practically unique reality on the Italy National scene (at least within central and southern Italy) made up by a multidisciplinary team comprising psychiatrists, psychologists, experts in psychomotor ability and professional educators all specifically qualified in A.N.I.R.E. Equestrian Rehabilitation techniques through MGRE and I.A.A. representatives.

Thanks to the contributions made by the specific competencies of each of the team’s members, the user can be offered a PERSONALIZED COURSE A course that is “tailored” and continually monitored and calibrated through weekly team meetings and the joint work of the individual operators involved in accordance with each of their own particular competencies.

Hi.K.E.R International Institute

The Hi.K.E.R International Institute is the largest scientific organization in Greece. It is a rehabilitation team that operates in the field of therapeutic riding and hippotherapy.
The Hi.K.E.R International Institute applies the Hi.KER approach for its therapeutic sessions and the individuals participating are children and adults with neurological and developmental disorders, The sessions are conducted within a specially designed area (arena) with the aid of specially trained horses for therapeutic riding. The organization conducts 120 sessions per week in addition to special schools that visit us. The organization has more than 20 therapists of different specialities such as Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, physical trainers, special educators, social workers etc.

Av. Tatoiou 219 Varimpompi, ZIP Code 136 77, Athens – Greece



Maendeleo for Children is a NPO founded on 2014. MfC carries out socially useful activities for children and young people with particular attention to those who live in disadvantaged socio-economic conditions and with disabilities, promoting social inclusion, protection and a full realization of rights through formal and non-formal education, providing training courses for social operators. MFC is the creator of network N-DSA-N (New DSA Network) which is a stable participatory network of public and private actors dealing with disorder and pathologies related to childhood and adolescent neuropsychiatry. Now actually welcomes more than 90 participating organizations (among Italian, European and extra-european members), involving in his countries more than 500 stakeholders, and it has also obtained the scientific patronage of the Italian Society of Telemedicine and eHealth. N-DSA-N is a stable network of public and private actors dealing with disorders and pathologies related to childhood and adolescent neuropsychiatry. Therefore, MfC enrolls project design and strong communication, thanks to a fruitful engagement in partnership building, guaranteeing a great potential for dissemination, amplifyng project impacts at different levels and areas. MfC promotes the creation of innovative services in the field of mental health care, child protection, woman protection, mapping and searching relevant stakeholders with lobbying activitiy for the application of EU directives, treaties and regulations

AFEHVC – Academia de Formação Equestre e Hipoterapia de Valongo e Campo

AFEHVC – Academia de Formação Equestre e Hipoterapia de Valongo e Campo it’s a non-profit association and it was created to answer community needs, specially to those with lack of resources. Its aim is to provide educational, recreational, therapeutic, sports and rehabilitation activities. Due to the proximity to the community, AFEHVC privileges social inclusion as an indispensable factor in the formation of the human being and its psychological and social development. Thus, its focus on people with disabilities and mental illness, using horse riding as a therapeutic purpose, proving to be a privileged instrument of intervention in the search for motor, social and cognitive benefits, fostering integration and social participation. Equine therapy and the inclusive holiday camps, promotes the social integration of children, teenagers, and adults, contributing to the improvement of their life quality, through a technically qualified multidisciplinary team with all the professionalism, commitment, and dedication to pursuit our goals. AFEHVC’s working group is very eclectic, multifaceted, transdisciplinary, and transversal. Punctually we work with many other technicians from several different areas, such as pedagogy. Occupational therapy, psychology, social assistance, physical educational and formation, dance, theatre, and music specialists. All team has experience working: – With young people at risk and with fewer opportunities; -needs; – In socio-community intervention; – in the area oof the environment – in the field of sport and physical activity.

Address: Rua da Mourama nº 50, 4440-060, Campo Valongo