Tryde: Project Workshop In Mobility

Tryde Mobilities Rome

+++ Health: Animal Assisted Interventions in Europe? A Good Practice Mapping project at the CRE G. De marco ONLUS Center of Excellence in Rome.

Tryde: “Therapeutic Riding for Youth and Children with Intellectual Disabilities”
25th and 26th May 2022. International Meeting on Assisted Interventions with Animals

Is it possible to have a common approach to Equestrian Rehabilitation and an evaluation standard and codified therapeutic protocols?
This is what partners from all over Europe are asking themselves thanks to the TRYDE project funded by the European Union.
What is meant by Best Practices in Equestrian Rehabilitation, Animal Assisted Interventions?
What outcome evaluation protocols can we put in place for Equestrian Rehabilitation?
On 25 and 26 May 2022 at the G. De marco ONLUS Equestrian Rehabilitation Center an international group of operators discusses IAA: Assisted Interventions with Animals. Vocabulary, Best Practices, proposals with a high rate of innovation. These are the themes at the center of the two days of Roman work.

Dr. Assunta Papa, Health Director of CRE G De Marco ONLUS, coordinated the work and the multidisciplinary team expertly led by the president Dr. Patrizio Amore and the Vice President, Avv. Carmelita Corea, welcomed them.

Tryde Project Partners:
CRE Equestrian Rehabilitation G. De Marco Rome – Italy
HIKER International Institute – Επιστημονική Εταιρεία Θεραπευτικής Ιππασίας – Greece.
MfC – Maendeleo for Children – Italy.
Centro Hípico de Valongo – Portugal.
Aedeq Asociación Española De Equinoterapias – Spain.

Documents and testimonies of the two days of mobility will soon be available on the project channels.